My year in blogging – a poor show

Well, I have an excuse. I have had possibly one of the busiest years of my life: my wife and I bought a house, got pregnant, and all while I was working full-time for church (a change that took place just over a year ago; my first full-time job since 2008).

That said, I did also release an EP, which was announced on this blog. Also announced a year ago was a Christmas song I wrote with Dan Lank which deserves another timely mention – we’re still very pleased with it. Other creative endeavours included the release of a couple of Psalm re-writes: Psalms 8 and 139. I still really like both of those.

Other random musings included a summary of books I’d read in 2014, and a book review of Nick Page’s Kingdom of Fools right at the start of the year. (I’ve managed to read a fairly good deal this year, just haven’t had time to review). There was a postulation as to why Christians love The West Wing, a reflection on how 1 John might contribute to the debate on views of the atonement, and a rant about confusing songwriting. Which I still haven’t got over.

And that was pretty much it. And now, looking into the shimmering haze of 2016, I look forward to possibly yet a busier year with the arrival of our progeny, more work changes and…well mainly with the crying and the nappies and the “is this the fourth time we’ve got up in the night for the 100th night in a row?” and the impossible wonder at how God made a human being through us. Yet all is not lost in the blogosphere, as I have just jotted down a few things that I hope to post in the near future – 2015 isn’t over yet!

What can the reader look forward to? One of the other things that made this year insane was producing Jon and Emily Darby’s new album, Silver & Gold. It was a labour of love, but how often love is expressed in blood, sweat and tears. But it’s sounding beautiful, and it’s about to be released. I’ll write about that process and point people where they can go to get it.

Things have changed rapidly in the tech world in the last few years and, where a couple of years ago I was writing an ode to my iPod Classic, I think the time has come to compose its Requiem. The coffin was nailed when I clicked “Subscribe” on Apple Music. So we shall don black (or possibly silver or white) and lament the passing of an icon.

There may be one or two other things as well. Writing is therapeutic; it helps me see life; I think in words, and stories. And if there’s going to be one thing that makes it as a ‘new years resolution’ for me (and I have all the distaste that most cynics harbour for the shallowness and disappointment of that annual attempt at self-improvement) it’s going to be to write more. At whatever screaming hour of the night.

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