Lyric video for Holy Overshadowing with brand new artwork

It’s been seven years since I co-wrote a song with Graham Kendrick, and it has been a wonderful experience to see how far-reaching this song has become. It has been heard in places I haven’t visited and sung in languages I don’t know. I will always be grateful to God for this.

It has also been recorded a few times, including by Graham in India! So I thought it was time to give the original recording a new lease of life; I first recorded this very soon after we wrote it in 2013 at Crown Lane Studio in Morden. I still love the intimate sound of this recording, gilded beautifully by some beautifully melodic playing on the viola by my friend Amy Jane Hosken.

The new video also features some artwork by the wonderful Chloë Harris. You can find more of her collection of prophetic art on Instagram. I love the intersection of art and music, especially when it’s art with my music as I can’t draw to save my life! These creative disciplines belong together and I really thought Chloë’s piece captured the heart of this song powerfully. She was happy for me to share it with the world, thank goodness!

Stay tuned as I hope to release a couple of new songs in 2020. One of them has been sung in a couple of places and people have been asking for recordings and music since! I also plan to release the sheet music for Spring Rain very soon.

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