The Journey of Creativity

I love taking walks where I’ve never been before. It doesn’t have to be palm-branch-waving-ocean-braving-mountain-ranging scenery. The newness of the undiscovered is enough to intrigue me. I love how the horizon reveals itself, layer by layer; never quite giving itself away as another bend in the road, another clearing of the trees reveals yet more hiddenness. What lies beyond that cluster of pines? Where does that shrouded path lead? What casts that great shadow?

Creativity is the continual discovery we experience on a journey we’ve never taken before. Combining words like an artist mixes colours to uncover fresh meaning we never knew was there. Combining colours the way a composer combines notes to scintillating the senses. Gathering imagery, flinging it into a verse structure and seeing what beauty emerges. What lies within that cluster of notes? Where does that metaphor lead? What would this look like cast in shadow? What casts that great shadow?

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