eBooks or Paperbacks – an anthropological answer*

(*From a non-anthropologist) There is a grand cultural switch taking place, in which the old consumer formats of (for example) books or CDs are being traded for digital copies, for the sake of the inevitable benefits: price, portability, accessibility. Why go out and pay more for a hardback which takes up space when you can … More eBooks or Paperbacks – an anthropological answer*

Apostrophiles, arise!

I’ve come up with a new word. It’s a word to describe everyone of us who shudders, balks, yea positively rails at the profound ignorance of Everyone Else who gives not a monkey’s whether the monkeys receive their due possessives or plurals. It’s a word for its time, when the intelligent distinction between the treatment … More Apostrophiles, arise!

A Warm Atmosphere

And now for something completely different: A script idea I wrote after a philosophical dilemma I encountered not so different from that described herein. The style is unashamedly Sorkinese-American, aka The West Wing. Nothing new here, but a bit of fun. May this Yuletide be full of warm atmospheres for you. Merry Christmas. INT. OFFICE … More A Warm Atmosphere