Radical Network begins!

Wow. One of the most intense seasons of my life has just kicked off! For those of you who don’t know, I’ve just begun a course with my church (Ichthus Christian Fellowship in London), training in leadership for a year. Am now living in the house they have in Forest Hill with some new friends! One is James (pictured below) with whom I have a great connection, he’s only two months older than me and we’re on the same page with a lot of stuff.

They’ve also put me with a congregation called New Life in Greenwich which is really going for it, they do so much stuff! My first day on Wednesday 17th ‘on patch’ at the congregation, I was there for 15 hours! (Long story.) So they’ve got me working hard, but I like that. I was going through a rough time from when I graduated in July 07 through to the beginning of 08, where sometimes I would be literally doing nothing at all, and it was horrible. Picture below is the painting hung up at the front of the church, tis nice.

The course involves lectures on tuesday and thursday, and ‘patch’ work (ie. in Greenwich) on Wednesdays and Friday afternoons. (Friday morning is ‘study project’ time – the study project will be a 10,000 word project handed in in January with a presentation, the same will happen again in July!! Lots of work methinks!!)

Weekends (not to mention weekday evenings) are bonkers with church and events and conferences etc. Oh plus we’re going to Totnes on mission at the beginning of October, then Pakistan in February! Expect many great photos etc. around those times!

I’m personally saying to the Lord that this is the time for the increase of miracles, signs and wonders, that we would fully preach the gospel as Paul did, in such displays of power (Romans 15). I’m asking Him for an increase in His presence and anointing as I have this time to dedicate to Him and His purpose, and to help me to stay engaged in the Spirit and not just make it all about an intellectual learning – and that’s down to me, not the course.

Forgot to mention Mondays: I’m teaching guitar! So I look forward to the odd Saturdays when there’s nothing happening! (About once a month!)

Notice the all-important COFFEE MACHINE in the background
Notice the all-important COFFEE MACHINE in the background

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