New EP now available!

Finally, after tantalising readers for months with my promise of a new EP, it’s here!

‘Where I Am Free’ gathers 5 new songs for congregational and personal use in worship and general enjoyment of life. You can find out more via the Music page, and follow links there to download the EP or to order a hard copy via PayPal. You can also listen to the EP via the bandcamp player on the right, and bandcamp offers yet another way also to download the EP if you so wish! Happy listening!

In case you’re interested, here’s the complete run-up of blogs documenting the progress (sketchily, it must be said):

EP 2014 progress update (August 20th 2014)
An update on my new EP (October 15th 2014)
New EP release just around the corner! (January 26th 2015)

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