New EP release just around the corner!

This morning at 7.30am we proudly took delivery of the hard copies of my new EP, “Where I Am Free”. I recorded the EP during the Summer of ’14 and blogged about it at the time.

It’s always exciting to release a fresh set of songs after the loving process of recording, mixing and mastering has taken place. One particularly fresh song at the time of recording was ‘Day Of Salvation’. I’d finished it just a week beforehand, and had been using it at our church Summer conference all that week. You can listen to a full version of the recording right now, below!

The collection probably reflect my ongoing rambling musical journey which takes me through Paul Simon-inspired happy parades one moment (track 1), to congregational ballads the next (track 2), to singer-songwriter poems the next (track 3), stopping off to admire ancient hymns through means of Gospel-style-rewriting (track 4 – and you do NOT want to miss my sister’s stunning performance on that one), finally to land up at a folk-inspired personal reflection about being face to face with God (track 5).

I had a great time making this EP. I probably won’t make anything back from it either, but I’d really like it if you wanted to grab yourself a copy when it’s out on 31st January. See the Music page for all the ways to do that. Meanwhile, below is that sample track for ‘Day Of Salvation’ that I promised. I hope you enjoy it, and that you enjoy the whole EP!

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